Apr 24, 2019
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We are happy to present you the ultimate gadget: the Tivoo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker . Just look at the characteristics of this little wonder to understand that this is not a gadget like the others.

Our enclosure can do everything! It has many unsuspected features : LED programming with different lighting effects, the DJ mixer, the alarm clock function, messaging, voice memos and a variety of surprising little surprises. In addition, its design is crunchy! We love this style white and retro, reminiscent of the 50s.


Tivoo Pixel Art Bluetooth Speaker
Smart speaker with Bluetooth function and Pixel Art
Requires the Divoom Smart app (free application)
Features: speaker, DJ mixer, date and time, weather display, voice memos, design, online gallery, animation, LED Editor, calendar, sleep aid, alarm clock, tools, social network notification, games, chat and Bluetooth
360 ° speaker with 6W DSP setting, powered bass and 3rd generation MCU processor
Random music playback function
Ability to use major music programs like Deezer, Spotify … (via Bluetooth connection)
DJ Mixer: Design your own remixes with a professional tool (for real music lovers!)
Time and date: 12 or 24 hours format
Temperature and weather display: ° C or ° F format
Voice memos: choose your avatar and record your voice message (1 minute maximum) for your family or friends (an icon appears on the screen when the message is saved)
Design: the application allows you to create your own Pixel Art designs (256 LEDs are fully programmable in a very simple way, just with your finger)
Online gallery: the gallery contains all the designs you have created (possibility to send them to the cloud and share them with other users)
Animation: create your own moving pictures (up to 24 frames per second) and set the playback speed
LED-Editor: this professional program allows you to create the lighting of your choice (LEDs management)
Calendar: This feature offers daily reminders or reminders depending on the day selected
Sleep Aid: 24 professional sessions between 10 and 90 minutes to help you fall asleep, with HQ Alpha Wave audio tracks and melatonin-inducing lights (Tivoo automatically turns off at the end of the session)
Wake up: 14 different types of alarms, which can be repeated one or more times according to the desired days (natural awakenings but also the possibility of using a recorded memo)
Tools: Tivoo has various tools like a scoreboard, a stopwatch, a decibelmeter …
Social Network Notification (via Bluetooth): Never miss an important message with a visual notification (an icon appears for incoming calls and missed calls + support for popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp , Skype, WeChat …)
Games: Tivoo has several games like Pixel Tetris, Pixel Slot, Pixel Dice, Magic 8 Box and Astro Battle (the screen buttons must be used to play)
Chat: Add your friends even if they do not have Tivoo (images sent or received will be displayed on the screen)
Automatic shutdown: the screen turns off automatically when you are not using Tivoo for more than 5 minutes
Automatic shutdown: the device turns off automatically and completely when you do not use Tivoo for a certain time (between 30 minutes and 12 hours depending on your setting)
IOS (9.3 or later) and Android (4.3 or later) compatible app
Cloud application constantly updated
Dimensions of the speaker: approximately 10 x 8 x 8 cm
Package dimensions: approximately 12 x 12 x 10.5 cm
Weight: about 380 grams
Technical details :
Driver size: 2 “
Output power: 6W
Signal-to-noise ratio: ≥75dB
Battery capacity: 3000 mAh
Battery voltage: 3.6 V
Charging time: about 4-5 hours
Autonomy: about 10 hours
Bluetooth V5.0 Smart
Frequency response: 80-20 KHz

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