Dec 24, 2018
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Surface Pro 4, molded on Windows 10

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Surface Pro 4 has the task of showing the world all the benefits and benefits of Windows 10 both in the home and in the professional field. The Surface Pro 4 project ( see review ) was modeled on Windows 10, the navel of the group’s strategy, and therefore embodies the perfect synthesis of all the most important technological innovations that Microsoft wanted to offer its customers in its new software ecosystem. Thanks to its hybrid natureand to the hardware platform of the highest level, in fact, Surface Pro 4 is presented as a perfect product to be used both as an entertainment platform and as an agile tool for productivity. Moreover, thanks to its lightness and compact size, it can easily be carried in a bag to be used anywhere at any time of the day.

Surface Pro 4: availability prices

Surface Pro 4 will be available in more variations. Below all the variations of the new hybrid of Microsoft with prices valid for Italy. Availability starting from November 19th.

Surface Pro 4 128 GB / Intel Core m3 – 4 GB of RAM: 1029 euros
Surface Pro 4 128 GB / Intel Core i5 – 4 GB of RAM: 1129 euros
Surface Pro 4 256 GB / Intel Core i5 – 8 GB of RAM: 1499 euros
Surface Pro 4 256 GB / Intel Core i7 – 8 GB of RAM: 1839 euros
Surface Pro 4 256 GB / Intel Core i7 – 16 GB of RAM: 2049 euros
Surface Pro 4 512 GB / Intel Core i7 – 16 GB of RAM: 2499 euros

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a tablet equipped to launch with the Windows 10 Pro operating system. The technical specifications offer a …

Surface Pro 4: shaped on Windows 10

Microsoft has developed Surface Pro 4 starting from two fixed points: Windows 10and the Surface Pro 3. The new hybrid of the Redmond house offers users full support to all the advantages of the new Microsoft software platform by optimizing and improving what has already been seen in the previous model. In fact, during his presentation, Microsoft underlined how the new Surface Pro 4 is the thinnest and fastest Surface ever. A product that winks not only at the consumer market but also at the professional one. Thanks to the quality of its hardware, all those who buy this new product can easily use it to execute large and heavy applications such as CAD for the elaboration of 3D projects. A power that according to the Redmond house is 30% higher than that of the Surface Pro 3 and 50% compared to a MacBook Air.

Moreover, thanks to Windows 10, the Surface Pro 4 supports all the latest technologies like Windows Hello , ie the biometric authentication system integrated in Windows 10 that allows the unlocking of PCs through the iris or fingerprints

In addition, the Surface Pro 4 can be managed with the simple help of the voice thanks to Cortana and can take advantage of all the benefits of services such as OneDrive and Office 365 .

Surface Pro 4: a high-end hybrid

Surface Pro 4 has a very high profile hardware platform , based on the sixth generation of Intel Core processors . In addition, as with the current Surface Pro 3 , the Surface Pro 4 will be sold in multiple versions featuring different processors and different cuts of RAM and Flash memory. In addition to a special camera dedicated to Windows Hello, the Surface Pro 4 will also feature a classic rear camera to record video. There are also all those supports and sensors that are indispensable today for a terminal of this kind such as, for example, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB, support for MicroSD and more.

In particular, the new Surface Pro 4, while maintaining the same design as the previous model, has slightly more compact dimensions, 292.10 x 201.42 x 8.45 mm, for a total weight including, depending on the model, between 766 and 786 grams. Particular attention was paid to the screen that now uses PixelSense technology and has a 12.3-inch diagonal with a resolution of 2763 x 1824 pixels which corresponds to a density of 267 PPI for over 5 million pixels (Aspect Ratio: 3: 2 and up to 10 simultaneous touches). Particularly, the glass covering the touch screen uses Gorilla Glass 4 technology and has a thickness of just 4 mm.

Inside the Surface Pro 4 beats an Intel heart and precisely that of the new Intel Skylake processors available in different variants depending on the model chosen. The RAM equipment can reach up to 16 GB. Within the new hybrid, SSD discs up to 1 TB can be placed. As for the graphics, however, the Surface Pro 4 adopts, depending on the model, Intel HD graphics 515 , i5 Intel HD graphics 520 or i7 Intel Iris graphics . Two cameras present. The front 5 MP can be used with Windows Hello. The rear module offers an 8 MP sensor and allows recording up to 1080p. The audio system is well structured thanks to the presence of Dolby audio.

Present sensors and media such as USB 3.0, reader for MicroSD, headphone jack, Mini DisplayPort, Surface Connect, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, brightness sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. There is no LTE variant. According to Microsoft, the autonomy of the Surface Pro 4 should allow up to 9 hours of use . The Surface Pro 4 has a Windows 10 Pro license and in the package, in addition to the device, buyers will find a Surface Pen, a power supply and a small manual.

In essence, this is a hybrid terminal that will be positioned in the high-end market , the one occupied today by Surface Pro 3. The prices of the new hybrid will not, therefore, be within everyone’s reach, even to differentiate the new hybrid from the ” small ” Surface 3 . The Surface Pro 3 will probably not be removed immediately from the market but will still receive a price cut.

Surface Pro 4: design

Design that wins is not changed. Microsoft has maintained over time substantially the same design of all the products of the Surface line, refining to refine the details. Therefore, also the Surface Pro 4 is characterized by a thin and elegant design with the shell made of magnesium alloy that gives the new hybrid lightness, but also a lot of strength. There is also a well-known removable stand that allows the device to stand up on its own and allows easier use of the Surface Pro 4 regardless of the support surface. Unlike the Surface 3, the removable back base can be adjusted in any position, thus allowing any inclination to be desired for the display.

The design has given Surface strong recognizability and Microsoft can hardly give up the prerogatives that have made Surface unique, appreciated by some and shelved by others, but in any case iconic and characteristic. In fact, recognizability is one of the most important traits for a device that, in the vision of Satya Nadella, must first of all report to the strong identification of what Windows is. A courageous choice, however, quickly rewarded: Surface is the first true hybrid that proudly shows its nature in the middle ground between tablets and notebooks, but in doing so Apple was pushed to the project of an iPad Pro that brings the form factor. This, before any other, is the victory in design on which Redmond will now have to build his own strategy.

Surface Pro 4: the new Surface Pen

Over 50% of Surface Pro 3 users take advantage of the device’s Surface Pen . Starting from this point, Microsoft wanted to further improve the nib included in the standard equipment of the new Surface Pro 4. The new Surface Pen has above all a high autonomy. Microsoft ensures that the non-refillable but replaceable stylus battery should guarantee use up to one year. Moreover, thanks to a magnetic support it can be connected directly to the Surface. Interaction with the screen has also improved. The new Surface Pen supports up to 1024 pressure levels . In addition, the stylus allows you to quickly recall Cortana’s functions.

The decision not to opt for a rechargeable nib would be dictated by the desire to offer a tool that is always available, never unloaded, whose battery replacement is the only time to stop in a continuous workflow. In this Microsoft wanted to opt for something different than Apple: a choice less “smart” but more utilitarian, less fascinating and more concrete, to wring the eye to those who think of the device as their productivity tool.

Surface Pro 4: the new Type Cover

Microsoft, next to the Surface Pro 4, has also announced the new Type Cover that hooked to the hybrid allows you to turn it into a real notebook. To make this new product, Redmond’s home started with customer feedback asking for a better typing experience. In particular, among the main criticisms of the current Type Cover of the Surface Pro 3, the difficulty of using the trackpad ( see our proof ).

Starting from the requests of the customers, Microsoft has created a Type Cover able to satisfy everyone. First of all, the keys have been completely revised and now have a stroke of 1.3 mm and the distance between them has been increased to 1.9 mm. The trackpad has received a total reworking. Much more extensive than before, it is now made of glass fiber and supports up to 5 simultaneous touches.

The new Typve Cover, available in the colors Bright Blue, Black, Blue, Red and Teal, will be offered for sale in two variants. Microsoft has, in fact, also provided a model with a fingerprint reader in order to support authentication through Windows Hello Windows 10. The new Type Cover can also be used with the Surface Pro 3. Prices at starting at $ 154.90.

A little news accompanies the new keyboard: the disappearance of the “Windows” button. The new menu of Windows 10 no longer requires its presence, in fact, and as a superfluous element has been eliminated in favor of lightness and space.

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