Mar 7, 2019
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Surface Book, towards the hybrid and beyond

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Surface Book was the “One More Thing” of Microsoft, the twist that nobody expected. All the indiscretions, in fact, referred to different variations of the Surface Pro 4 but nobody would have predicted the debut of a similar product. Surface Book has been defined as the definitive notebook, able to satisfy even the most demanding users to 360 degrees. The first notebook produced directly by Microsoft , just like Surface Pro 4, has been shaped not only on Windows 10 but also on users themselves who have long been asking for a versatile product suitable for even the most extreme productivity.

The result of this powerful alchemy is the Surface Book, a powerful, elegant, flexible product that exploits all the advantages of the Windows 10 platform. A quick glance at the specifications immediately brings to mind the Apple MacBook Pro , up to today absolute dominator of the high end of the notebook market dedicated to professionals. A comparison not made by chance as Microsoft, during the presentation of the Surface Book, stressed that it is twice as fast as the MacBook Pro.

Thanks to Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, Microsoft can now turn to the market with sophisticated and innovative cutting products that will surely be widely copied by other manufacturers.

Surface Book, prices and specifications

Surface Book will be available in more variations. For the moment, this innovative device will only be sold on American territory. With a good approximation, however, it should not miss its arrival in the rest of the world, perhaps in early 2016. Following all the available declinations of the Surface Book.

Surface Book 128GB / Core Intel i5 – 8GB of RAM: $ 1,499
Surface Book 128GB / Core Intel i5 – 8GB of RAM dGPU: $ 1,699
Surface Book 256GB / Core Intel i5 – 8GB of RAM: $ 1,699
Surface Book 256GB / Core Intel i5 – 8GB of RAM / dGPU: $ 1,899
Surface Book 256GB / Core Intel i7 – 8GB of RAM / dGPU: $ 2,099
Surface Book 512GB / Core Intel i7 – 16GB of RAM / dGPU: $ 2,699
Surface Book 1TB / Core Intel i7 – 16GB of RAM / dGPU: $ 3,1999

Surface Book, for the most demanding

Microsoft, in wanting to realize the Surface Book, did not want to skimp on any component. Construction materials and hardware equipment are of the highest profile and represent the top for today’s PC market. Realizing this device, the Redmond house has looked to all those looking for a powerful tool of work but also of leisure that can safely replace the fixed PC but which can also be easily carried around.

In addition, to emphasize the close relationship with the Surface Pro 4, the Surface Book can also be considered a sort of hybrid because the screen can be detached from the keyboard and used as a tablet PC. Although the 13.5-inch screen does not make the use of the tablet very comfortable, it can be an option still useful in some phases of work. Consider, for example, the use of graphics applications in which the tablet mode can be more useful and convenient to exploit.

Moreover, to underline again the “Pro” nature of this product, the availability of the new Surface Pen with which users can write or draw directly on the screen. The brute force of the Surface Book makes it, therefore, ideal for the use of heavy professional graphics applications, for video editing but also for entertainment. Thanks to the powerful hardware, the most demanding games work perfectly.

Furthermore, the presence of Windows 10 Pro allows Surface Book owners to take advantage of all the important innovations introduced by Microsoft. Full support, therefore, to all the latest Microsoft technologies such as OneDrive , Cortana , Office 365 , Edge and much more.

Surface Book, brute power

As mentioned, Surface Book has a very high level hardware platform based on the new sixth generation Intel Core i5 / i7 processors ( Skylake ). What immediately strikes is the generously sized touch screen made using PixelSense technology . Display showing a 13.5-inch diagonal with a resolution of 3000 × 2000 pixels corresponding to 6 million pixels and a density of 267 ppi (Aspect Ratio: 3: 2 and up to 10 simultaneous touches). This is a panel that allows an optimal view of the images that will make the joy of those who work in the world of graphics.

Inside the Surface Book it beats, as mentioned, an Intel heart. for this powerful product Microsoft has chosen Skylake intel processors that will be available in different versions depending on the model chosen. The RAM equipment can reach up to 16 GB. Inside the new notebook there are SSD disks up to 512 GB . As for the graphics, the Surface Book adopts, depending on the models, Intel HD graphics (Intel Core i5) and NVIDIA GeForce graphics with GDDR5 memory (Intel Core i7). Two cameras are present. The front one offers a 5 MP sensor, while the rear module offers an 8 MP lens and allows recording up to 1080p. The audio system is well sized thanks to the presence of Dolby audio.

Present in the notebook sensors and media such as two USB 3.0 ports, reader for MicroSD, headphone jack, Mini DisplayPort, Surface Connect, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 4.0, brightness sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer. Very good autonomy offered that according to Microsoft should be up to 12 hours of use . The Surface Book has a Windows 10 Pro license, a free trial of Office for 30 days and in the package, in addition to the notebook, buyers will find a Surface Pen, a power supply and a small manual.

Surface Book: design

Surface Book looks similar but at the same time very different from Surface Pro 4. Microsoft has put a lot of care into making this product. The entire notebook is made, in fact, using the magnesium alloy that is already exploited within the competing line of Surface products. Sufficiently compact due to the size of the screen, 232.1 x 312.3 x 13 mm, the Surface Book presents a modern and sophisticated design and does nothing to hide its hybrid nature. As already highlighted, in fact, the screen can be removed and used as a normal tablet pc.

Very well structured also the keyboard, made for an intended use, which is characterized by being backlit. The keys present a 1.6 mm excursion. Very special is the technology of the hinge that locks the screen to the keyboard, Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge , which allows a precise and solid coupling. The trackpad is made of glass fiber and supports up to 5 simultaneous touches: the particular surface used should offer a particular touch pleasantness, betting so strongly also on the user experience offered to the end user. The supplied Surface Pen is the same as the Surface Pro 4 and supports 1024 levels of pressure.

Among the accessories the Surface Dock with 2 mini DisplayPort, a Gigabit Ethernet port, four USB 3.0 and an audio output, which allows you to connect the notebook to an external monitor. Price of 199.99 dollars.

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