Apr 16, 2019
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Sony Xperia 1: the new top of the range Sony with tools for the cinema

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Sony redefines its smartphone concept with the new Xperia 1 flagship, designed for creative entertainment experiences supported by unprecedented professional technologies

Sony Xperia 1: the new top of the range Sony with tools for the cinema
Another of today’s news at the Mobile World Congress is the new Sony Xperia 1, a device that offers the innovative 21: 9 form factor with a concentration of high-level technology.

The camera was built to offer the highest quality especially in the field of video shooting, an area in which Sony has exploited the professional experience of Cinealta , to borrow some solutions born for the cinema.

In general, we are faced with a complete proposal, with an interesting design and overall a device that can compete with other market proposals.

It will only come to the Italian market some time later, we will have a chance to try it and talk about it.

Sony Xperia 1, the official statement

Sony Mobile Communications (“Sony Mobile”) redefines its smartphone concept with the latest Xperia 1 flagship , which combines Sony’s renowned professional displays and film technologies in a beautiful, sleek and powerful device.

“We have established a new vision for the Xperia TM brand to offer our customers experiences that exceed their imagination,” said Mitsuya Kishida, President of Sony Mobile Communications. “We continue to surpass ourselves in the continuous search for innovation and the new Xperia offers authentic technologies with a multitude of professional features, enabling creative fun experiences only possible with Sony.”

Unprecedented experience with the CinemaWide display in 21: 9 4K OLED

Thanks to the 6.5-inch CinemaWide 4K OLED display, you can enjoy movies in their original format directly in the palm of your hand. Xperia 1 offers the same cinematographic relationship and the same chromatic choice with which the films are made, in order to return a vision experience faithful to that conceived by the authors.

The unparalleled display is based on the award-winning technologies of BRAVIA ® televisions . The X1 ™ processor for mobile offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) remastering technologies, ensuring that any content is displayed with more contrast, color and detail, even in streaming.

Xperia 1 has a 10-bit tonal gradation capable of representing a myriad of colors. Xperia 1 offers deeper black levels, while colors appear more natural. Inspired by the color reproduction of Sony’s professional Master Monitor technology, used in the major Hollywood production studios, the new chromatic choice available with the Creator mode allows you to enjoy the content exactly as it was designed by the directors. The display, together with the image processing features, supports a wide range of colors according to the ITU-R BT.2020 and DCI-P3 specifications with Illuminant D65.

Immersive experience with multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos ® audio

The viewing experience is further enhanced by the multi-dimensional Dolby Atmos ® audio that transports the user directly into the action thanks to full-bodied sounds that surround the user with breathtaking realism. The audio tuning on Xperia 1 is developed in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment to ensure that the mobile experience accurately reflects the intentions of the content creators.

Gaming, which completes the entertainment experience, is raised to a higher level. The large 21: 9 display offers a deeper and borderless view for any game, thanks also to the Game Enhancer technology that optimizes performance and blocks unwanted notifications, also allowing you to record game sessions and search for tips online.

Telling your own story with film recording and with extremely precise shots

The advanced triple camera (12 MP) offers a professional shooting quality in any situation and in any light condition: 16 mm for wide landscapes, a versatile 26 mm lens and a 52 mm telephoto lens (35 mm equiv.).

Xperia 1 inherits the experience of the interchangeable lens cameras of the acclaimed Sony α (“Alpha”) technology and the BIONZ X ™ mobile system. The algorithm allows the first Eye AF (autofocus) in the world in a smartphone to focus on the eye and also offers burst shots with AF / AE tracking up to 10 fps (Auto Focus and Auto Exposure) to ensure commissioning precision focus and optimal exposure. Better images can be captured in low light conditions with a large F1.6 lens and a large 1.4 μm double photodiode image sensor with pixel pitch, to ensure that even moving subjects are free of blur, while RAW noise reduction offers wonderfully sharp images.

Xperia 1 also improves the video department thanks to the collaboration with the engineers of the Sony professional camera division, known for the CineAlta brand and famous for the Full Frame “VENICE” camera. It is possible to create video of film quality and thanks to the settings of the Cinema Pro function it is possible to change the color management. The video clips restore the original atmosphere thanks to eight different expressions, turning into real stories. All this can be achieved in 4K HDR resolution at 24 frames per second and in 21: 9 format. Only Sony can offer this leading technology on the Xperia 1 market, allowing the user to capture their days in cinema style with Cinema Pro. Xperia 1 also allows you to select image frames in 21: 9 from live video or from recorded clips, with or without the pre-set “Look” color management. The unique hybrid stabilization system with Optical SteadyShot ™ with a unique algorithm ensures smooth and vibration-free recordings.

Slim and ergonomic design in 21: 9

With the 21: 9 format display Xperia 1 shows a minimal and timeless design, which exhibits a splendid screen, while the thin profiles favor a comfortable grip. The elegant metal shell frames the durable Corning ® Gorilla ® Glass 6 glass on the front and back, while the IP65 / IP68 water resistance certification protects the components.

Multi-tasking windows in 21: 9 to increase productivity

The exceptional 21: 9 display offers a wider surface and is ideal for managing two apps simultaneously, so you can see and do more. The multiple display function of the screen can be activated through the renewed intelligent side sense system, with the multi-tasking launcher or by voice command.

Xperia 1 is as beautiful as it is extraordinary to use, with a range of colors capable of satisfying any style: Black, Purple, Gray and White.

The strength to go further

The innovative Qualcomm ® Snapdragon ™ 855 mobile platform delivers incredible performance and unparalleled energy efficiency. This translates into a high-speed Gigabit LTE connection, a CPU up to 25% faster and a GPU performance improved by 40% compared to previous generations – in addition to Snapdragon Elite Gaming, which allows you to manage heavy applications and games with ease .

The 3330 mAh high capacity battery, combined with the Smart Stamina, Battery Care and Xperia Adaptive Charging systems, helps you stay connected throughout the day.


Along with Xperia 1, a range of accessories is available which include:

Headphones Open-ear Bluetooth® Stereo SBH82D that thanks to the “open ear” style allow you to listen to music and make calls wirelessly, without losing the background sounds.
The Style Touch SCTI30 cover is available in complementary colors to the smartphone and with a transparent front, to allow access to all Xperia 1 functions even when the cover is closed.

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