Jan 10, 2019
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Review Sony WH1000Xm3, the best noise-canceling headphones in circulation

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Beautiful. This is the summary of the review of a pair of simply excellent headphones, which rewrite the hierarchies of the market.

I prepared the review Sony WH1000Xm3 just before Christmas and I present it right these days, because these headphones could be your best Christmas present and could accompany you for a long time, because quality of this level does not easily beat.

When I had time to test the Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones, I was struck by the sound quality and effectiveness of the noise reduction. I did not think you could do better and instead someone did it.

The Sony WH1000Xm3 headphones are exceptional for defining sound and also for the effectiveness of noise reduction, which does not alter the sound quality.

They are also relatively light: I say relatively, because the “supra-aural” models, ie those that completely cover the ears, with long battery life can never be very light.

Headphones with the Google assistant

Among the features of the new Sony headphones is the direct access to the Google assistant, which I use a lot when I have headphones connected to the smartphone.

In particular for reminders and other activities related to the organization of my work, because often listening to music relaxes me and helps me to put order in the things I do.

To start the conversation with the Google assistant, I need the app I’m going to talk to you shortly, because you have to configure one of the two buttons on the headphones.

The app is essential for control

About things to crush. On board the Sony WH1000Xm3 headphones there are only two buttons: switching on and controlling the noise reduction system.

The volume and the progress of the tracks are managed instead by touching one of the two earbuds, while the other has the NFC transmitter for pairing with the smartphone.

The use of headphones is therefore rather basic at first sight, but do not be fooled, because in reality these headphones are equipped with very sophisticated solutions.

To use them you need the dedicated application, which you can install on Android and iOS. Just connect the phone and open it to find all the options available, starting with the calibration of the noise reduction, which is calibrated depending on your ear and the pressure to which the headphones are used.

If you get on the plane, you have to re-start the calibration so that it is perfect.

But that’s not all, because the headphones are equipped with the new DSEE-HX technology, which improves the listening of the “poorer” files with lower quality, especially when the standard is mp3 and maybe the sampling rate is a bit low.

The only lack that I find is that of the automatic shut-off when you remove the headphones, but there is still a system to turn off the power a few minutes after the playback is stopped.

This is also a detail that you check with the app.

Sound decided but not excessive

I love the pronounced bass in the headphones, but not peasant. I can not stand the models that accentuate the lower frequencies, especially those at 80 or 100 Hz, because they often make a hip hop piece look like even the classics that do not have anything black!

The headphones are very comfortable to wear, the materials are soft and adhere perfectly with a very effective external insulation.

Competition battery: 30 hours of playback

This is one of the most significant details of the new Sony WH1000Xm3 : 30 hours of continuous playback on a single charge. For the record, the charger needs a Type-C USB cable.

The cable is included in the box, the charger is not, but how many do we have inside the house now unused?

Easy to carry, with a dedicated case

The price range of these headphones, delivers them to the category of the best in the market: for this in the package are some interesting tricks, such as the housing and the adapter to use the cable with the entertainment systems that are on aircraft that travel long-range and usually have a double connector.

The space is easy even without a case, because the WH1000Xm3 fold on themselves and flatten if necessary.

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