Nov 22, 2018
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My first impressions are Hands On Oppo RX17 Pro

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Yesterday evening, after the official launch, I spent a few minutes with the classic hands on Oppo RX17 Pro, I try to formulate my first impressions, even if they are not supported by the use in real life.

What I like about Oppo RX17 Pro

Certainly the design : closely follows that of OnePlus 6T, but has the advantage of having more attractive colors and to exploit the trend of changing colors.

I also put the camera : I have not tried, but the promises made in the launch phase are important and make think of very smart solutions, like that for night shots, which should really be a portento.

As always, from the promotional shots then you have to move on to real life and it will be curious to check what the quality of the shots will be in our nights.

Finally I add the battery that has the super VOOC Charging solution , which promises the complete recharge of the phone in just 35 minutes.

This charging speed is combined with the protection of the battery itself, which is guaranteed for at least 600 full charges without any kind of decay.

What I do not like about Oppo RX17 Pro

The processor . There must also be something that does not like even in the best of devices and the price of 599 euros becomes less interesting if you think about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor , not for the quality of the processor itself, but for comparison with the competition.

Today at that price are the top of the range out for a few months with super top hardware and is a detail that can not be ignored.

The software customization . As is often the case with Asian producers, the choice of a “comic” graphic gives an appearance that does not do justice to external design. A little like seeing a Porsche that has plastic interiors.

But this is a detail that is easy to get around. Just install a different “Launcher”, the application that governs the use of the smartphone. You can find dozens of them on the Google store.

Hand on Oppo RX17 Pro: conclusions

Overall, the user experience seems very pleasant. the phone is very fast and behaves well in its main functions. It does not have much personality in the front design, even if the reduction of the notch is appreciable, while it is beautiful in the colors and in the back shapes and in the edges.

If the battery and the camera do what is promised, it is a viable alternative on the market, but marketing and time will be needed to create a brand perception that supports that price.

When does Oppo RX17 Pro arrive in Italy?

In about ten days it will make its debut on the Italian market, along with the less expensive RX17 Neo model, at the already mentioned price of 599 euros. The more affordable model will cost 349 euros instead.

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