Mar 13, 2019
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Microsoft brings the HoloLens app to Android

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Microsoft has decided to push its Mixed Reality platform, which has so far been limited to virtual reality and HoloLens viewer , on mobile phones. The company will launch an Android-based version of its Dynamics 365 Remote Assist app during the month of April. For the iOS devices, however, the Dynamics 365 Product Visualize application will arrive in April . These are applications dedicated to the business world. This decision is a clear sign that Microsoft wants to aim a lot more in this sector, bringing Mixed Reality even within mobile devices.

The Remote Assist app for Microsoft’s HoloLens viewers allows users to share what they see through the built-in camera. They can annotate images to provide detailed instructions or solve a problem. With the app for Android, people will be able to do pretty much the same thing with their phone. This means that companies will be able to exploit their potential without having to use a viewer. The version of the app for HoloLens is still much better as it allows people to have both hands free.

However, the app for Android should simplify the communication process, allowing companies to use devices already in their possession rather than investing in HoloLens that costs $ 3,000. The iOS app, called Product Visualize, is a new tool. The app is designed for people who sell complex products such as heavy vehicles or machinery, allowing them to show off-sized or normal-sized models in augmented reality.

This function will also arrive on HoloLens at a later time. However, most vendors are already working with iOS devices, so it makes more sense for Microsoft to start with these devices.

The announcement of these applications comes just a few days from the event that Microsoft will hold at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona where it should unveil the second-generation HoloLens viewer. It is said that the new device is lighter and more comfortable than its predecessor, with a wider field of view.

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