Apr 12, 2019
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Left Alive

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Will Square Enix have succeeded in recreating the spirit present in Metal Gear Solid?

The last production of Square Enix had potentially everything: a great team starting from Yoji Shinkawa, the art director of Kojima Productions, a dense storyline with an engaging setting, many innovative ideas and comparisons with the Metal Gear series that practically waste. After all, it’s a third-person survival shooter with a particular focus on the stealth component in a world full of mechs; insolla, the comparisons with Kojima’s “creature” were inevitable.

We used the word “potentially” because, unfortunately, the study failed in its intent. But what went wrong? There were so many good ideas, like the emphasis on creating your own IEDs and traps to eliminate enemy soldiers, and this reminded us a little of Metal Gear: Survive. Then there are optional missions that you could choose to play or ignore, a map showing dangerous areas and an intriguing story.

However, these promising aspects have all been weakened by poor mechanics and a slow control system, a deceptive AI and graphics that were often of rather low quality. But we’ll start with the things we liked.

Players take control of three characters in a war-torn country called Novo Slavia in the year 2127, in an area of ​​the world that does not seem too different from Russia. The genocide is committed by the occupation forces and our three heroes have been “left alive”, looking for other survivors and the improvisation of weapons they will have to use to help them eliminate them.

First of all take control of Mikhail, a novice pilot of Wanzer (the Wanzers are the mechs), and later also of a police officer named Olga, and also Leonid, an innocent accused of being a criminal. The setting is drab and the introduction deludes us that this is indeed a great game. There is snow, the corpses are scattered everywhere, and we are completely intrigued.

But unfortunately all this deflates when we are faced with a complicated control system. The feeling is as if we didn’t have total control of the movements, with an equally irregular shooting quality, which means that it was difficult to aim. In other words, it does not reveal itself in any intuitive way, and even after a few hours we found ourselves casually throwing cans, alerting enemies and getting killed.

We started with the medium difficulty, which turned out to be insanely complex, as we were eventually killed very easily. We soon found ourselves starting over from a simpler environment, but sometimes it was brutally difficult.

We like a little difficulty, but these unnecessary obstacles have practically taken any form of entertainment from Left Alive . The enemy soldiers shot us down in an instant, and moreover they seemed to be immune to blows to the head, with bullets that had very little effect in general. You can throw homemade bombs, hoping for something better, but often we find ourselves repeatedly reviewing the same sections and becoming increasingly frustrated.

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