Feb 25, 2019
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Keyboard problems: also hit MacBook Air

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New headaches for Apple on the keyboards of his laptops: the problems encountered on MacBook Pro products since 2016, in fact, are also appearing on the new Macbook Air . And all this despite the implementation of a third generation butterfly mechanism , complete with an inner sheath for dust protection. This is confirmed by Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy , in possession of a device affected by the malfunction, but also by other users on the Net.

The story, at least on the front of MacBook Pro , is now well known: the new keyboards with a butterfly mechanism, especially the first generations, according to users would be particularly sensitive to the action of dust. The small and unavoidable debris would fall under the keys, causing numerous typing problems: some letters are not recognized, others are repeated on the screen repeatedly and, sometimes, the same keys would remain locked in the body. Perhaps to overcome this problem, Apple introduced a new generation keyboard, including an inner silicone sheath to make dust accumulation less likely. Apparently, however, the measure would not always have the desired effects.

In a video uploaded to Unbox Therapy’s YouTube channel, Hilsenteger showed the malfunction of his MacBook Air 2018 , purchased a few months ago. At the moment, the problem would have hit the letter “e”: by pressing the button, the laptop behaves abnormally. Sometimes the letter is not recognized, while others are multiplied in the text, all accompanied by a wrong display of the spaces between the words.

Considering how the appearance of the malfunction on MacBook Air is quite a novelty, as a more typical problem of MacBook Pro, the youtuber has explored social networks , finding several reports from various users around the world. The screenshots of these comments were then inserted into the video uploaded on the Google video-sharing platform.

Meanwhile, a few days ago iFixit confirmed the presence of a new issue for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, already renamed FlexGate . The flat cables that connect the logic board with the laptop screen, in fact, would suffer damage with the continuous opening of the device cover, putting the backlight out of use. At present, Apple has not officially commented on the two cases in question.

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