Jan 3, 2019
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iPhone XR the best-selling at Christmas and attracts Android users

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Also for the Christmas period comes the confirmation of the approval for iPhone XR and not only by Apple users

iPhone XR the best-selling at Christmas and attracts Android users
In recent months I have tried iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR , two superlative smartphones and a special mention goes to the younger brother of the family, which I really enjoyed.

Apparently I’m not the only one to appreciate iPhone XR , which in the world is the model of the best-selling iPhone of Christmas and has the advantage of being a magnet for Android users.

Let’s clear the field from the usual race to the numbers: the market is holding back, the market range with the highest price offers a more tight competition so we probably will not see sales records of the new iPhone, but really it’s just a question of numbers?

Every 100 users who buy iPhone XR , 16 of them come from the Android world, have made the infamous “switch”.

When iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were launched, about 12% of buyers came from Android, a percentage that fell by one point, to 11% when the novelty was iPhone X.

These data come from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners , who reveal to us that the new iPhone XR is enjoying a lot, especially those coming from the Android world.

I know, those of you who love Android will struggle to accept the evaluation and will begin to list all the phantom shortcomings that Apple gives back to its customers with its phones.

In reality, the overall “usability” level, the software reliability and the quality of the iOS apps are simply superlative and they are digging a groove towards the competition.

The Android world in this period focuses a lot on the “external” aesthetics of their devices, fills them with all the available technology, sometimes too much, but then forgets that the most important thing is to build an experience, not a set of hardware components.

And if you want an experience without complications, this year iPhone XR and XS / XS Max represent three solutions that I recommend to everyone, even with the knowledge that the price of the three products is challenging.

But what makes the new iPhone XR so interesting compared to the competition? The price in the stores of the best Android is similar, if not higher than that of the “low cost” model of Apple.

I invite you one more not to be deceived by the fluctuations of prices on the internet, affecting only 10% of the population, this is the percentage of sales that electronics accrues thanks to online purchases.

For 90% the price is found in stores, the so-called “street price”, which today sees Galaxy Note 9 , Galaxy S9 + , Huawei Mate 20 Pro , Oppo Find X , LG G7 , but the list could be much longer , all with prices equal if not higher than that of iPhone XR, but without being able to rely on the same ecosystem, the same assistance, the same experience of use and completeness of services that today purchased together with an Apple device.

In short, if you look at the top models, the price of the iPhone XR is perfectly in line with the competition. Of course, it does not have an OLED display, it has only one camera, it does not have the 3D Touch, but have you ever tried to use it? Because if you did, you would find that you still do the same things and with the same quality.

The single camera of the iPhone XR only requires you to give up a couple of lighting effects in portrait photos, but otherwise offers superlative shots.

The battery is the best ever in an Apple device. It’s true, in this aspect Apple has never done school, but it must be recorded that XR also brings more autonomy.

In short, in a summary I tell you that after all the success of the iPhone XR does not surprise me.

Complete, nice to see, colorful, powerful, with a bitten meaty on the back: really someone else can think of having more appeal?

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