Jun 22, 2019
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IKEA is going to put in place a small big revolution

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IKEA is going to put in place a small big revolution in its business. The furniture giant has decided to focus more on online sales . Currently, IKEA has a smartphone application which is basically just a big showcase. To make purchases, people either buy online through the actual site, or have to physically go to one of the company’s many stores.

But things are about to change. During an interview with Reuters, Barbara Martin Coppola , IKEA’s digital chief, said that the company is preparing a new version of the app through which customers can finally buy furniture and accessories directly from their smartphone without having to go for the official website of the Group. The app will also allow you to simulate the presence of objects in your room to see the final effect before moving on to the actual purchase phase. More weight on the online, therefore, with IKEA which is progressively testing new ways to approach customers also through mini stores.

Purchases through smartphones today are an established practice and therefore the furniture giant certainly does not intend to lose this important business channel. The app, however, will not arrive immediately for all markets.

The application will first be launched in France and the Netherlands and will then be made available in the first eight IKEA markets, including Germany, the United States and China, by the end of the year. No mention of Italy but the hope is that it falls within the window that sees the launch of the app in the final part of the year.

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