Apr 4, 2019
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Huawei has used reflex shots to promote P30: the answer

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A similar event had happened in 2016 for the promotion campaign of the P9 model, while a few months ago something similar happened for the promotion of Nova 3i in some countries of the world.

Huawei has used reflex shots to promote P30: the answer

The case is mounted around the world a few hours ago, Huawei has used reflex shots to promote P30 , a detail that some American sites have noticed, which immediately highlighted the fact.

The “stone of scandal” is the photo you see above, which is part of the teaser campaign dedicated to Huawei’s new super phone coming next March 26th.

From what can be seen from the rumors, one of the most compelling details of the new phone will be a 5X optical zoom, which dramatically improves the shots of objects in the distance, a sort of “periscope” that will allow you to use the zoom without loss of quality.

In these hours, the Chinese company has published a teaser campaign around the world, to tickle the attention on this technical feature.

They were published by Richard Yu on Chinese social networks and nowhere is it ever written that those are images taken by Huawei P30, but it is “automatic” that those who see the photo are led to believe it.

However, users of Sina Weibo have realized that in reality those are shots made with a DSLR camera, they do not actually come from the phone soon to be published.

Huawei’s answer

As the affair began to bounce around the world, the official response of the company arrived, which shows that the photos may have generated a misunderstanding and may have led to a wrong assessment of them.

We would like to reiterate that those are, in fact, only teaser posters, renditions of said features only. We’d like to take this opportunity to mediate their interest in our posters

Huawei Press Office

Immediately afterwards, Huawei has modified its advertising campaigns with a disclaimer that indicates how the images are only indicative.

We can define it as a small road accident on the road to Paris, where the new models will be presented, of which we now know almost everything through the leaks published these days.

Nearly 6.5-inch display, super zoom camera, battery over 4,000 mah, kirin 980 processor, reverse wireless charge, but no 3D face recognition. However, there is the fingerprint sensor below the display.

The aspect we have already seen in many images is almost identical to that of Mate 20 Pro, with the only difference being the positioning of the rear camera.

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