Feb 18, 2019
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Disco Ultimate: Dagoma unveils its new 3D printer with 21 days of training included!

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If you do not know the DiscoEasy200 3D printer yet , you’re at the right time. After 4 years of continuous improvement following customer feedback, more than 20,000 machines in circulation and hundreds of thousands of printed objects, Dagoma decided to further improve the 3D printer that made its success by announcing the Ultimate Disco!

The Ultimate Disco includes as standard the latest innovations offered to Dagoma to users of DiscoEasy200: the Extruder + and the Expert Pack. Automatic insertion of the filament, printing of flexible filaments, trapezoidal rods for superior quality, management of the break … Without forgetting the last born of the research and development pole of the French manufacturer, the bi-color pack with double extrusion! Finally, we find on this 3D printer, a new electronic card, new tray supports, all made almost no sound issued during printing! Obviously this Disco Ultimate will also be compatible with the new releases proposed by Dagoma.

The Dagoma Ultimate Disco will be available on November 12 for 399 euros in mono-extruder kit, and 499 euros in kit for the two-color version.

21 days of training offered for the purchase of a Disco Ultimate printer
Dagoma offers with the Disco Ultimate (and the Magis) a training called “21 days to change your daily life through 3D printing” . This pack includes a step-by-step accompaniment to take full advantage of everything your machine can bring you.

In the program of 3 weeks of training: how to make your machine profitable, your first models with a license offered or all the tips and tricks explained in detail to train you to be autonomous with your machine. Dagoma gives you all the keys to fully enjoy your machine with its expert tutorials, feedback (and some surprises throughout the training). It is offered and rather a good idea on the part of the French manufacturer, instead of a single A4 sheet that is usually found in competing products!

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