Nov 27, 2018
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Darksiders returns after six years in good health

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The beloved hanck-and-slash Darksiders finally returns after six long years, this time playing the role of a spotless knight without fear called Fury. After fighting alongside War and Death in the first two games, this time we move smoothly along the battlefield playing the role of this incredible rider, the first and only female protagonist of the series to date. Fury has the agility of an acrobat when he throws himself at his enemies, wields a whip made of what looks like barbed wire, and boasts some magical powers that his brothers do not possess … but we’ll talk later.

At the beginning of the game, the player gets on the burning throne of the Council where we find War chained to a boulder for a crime that insists he has not committed, that is, having opened the seventh seal and having disturbed the balance of the world. Fury is entrusted with the mission of finding and recovering the souls of the seven deadly sins that have been freed and now that War is in chains, Death is dispersed who knows where and Strife “is grappling with other matters” (of which we do not know the nature ), Fury is the only one able to restore this balance. The consequences of the crimes committed by War crash on Fury’s journey, forcing her to take an observer (a kind of spy controlled by the Council, that makes sure no other knight betrays their trust) while she hunts these sinful creatures. This observer hovers next to Fury as she steps into a world in turmoil, giving her useful advice along the way. When he leaves the room, War turns to his sister, warning her that the forces conspire against them and tells her to trust him, insisting that he is innocent.

Once released in a hostile environment, the player can familiarize himself with some gameplay mechanics and the basic functionality of the game. Almost instantly Fury gets into trouble in combat with a group of demonic servants who roam the streets of the city devastated by the chaos that Fury is trying in every way to eliminate.

Combat is quite easy, where X is the attack button (Y when it is in the form of fire) and can be combined with other buttons, such as holding the button together with the jump / double jump or making a dodge. Fury dodges incoming attacks with the right front button and, if timed perfectly, time slows down, giving it enough time to kill the enemy while it is shot (this, as we discovered at our expense, is the best way to get ahead in the game , especially in the boss fight, so practice right away with your timing.)

Fury’s fighting moves are very different from those of his brothers, the main difference is his acrobatic nature. His whip adapts well to his set of moves with his versatility in terms of range, and the Fury jump attacks, as well as the dodge, allow to kill demons like drinking a glass of water. Later in the game, Fury unlocks the power of fire that gives it a completely different skill set and the ability to jump higher due to the power of fire. In this state, use Y to attack, acquire the ability to cross the lava and get a new set of weapons called Chains of Scorn, which have a shorter range, but can set fire to enemies. Besides this form (and others) it can also enter the Havoc form,

The weapons that Fury wields, although they are subject to optional changes along the way, appear as a sort of natural extension of the protagonist’s body and can be updated as you progress through the game using improvements that you can recover in the game world (so as adamantium and other objects depending on what the player wants to update). The improvements can in turn be updated with two different paths in the statistics; in this case, we need to find angelic or demonic fragments for one of the two paths.

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