Mar 29, 2019
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A beautiful piece of furniture in a 50s design
For a special retro style in the living room
Turntable & AUX-In jack
Built-in stereo speakers
Headphone Jack, Audio Out (RSA)


Are your parents over 50 ? One of them is celebrating his birthday soon and you want a gift idea that’s out of the ordinary? On GiftsFolies, you’ve noticed: the unusual and quirky , we love. But if you want something even more amazing, for a truly special occasion, then you are definitely on the right page.

With its 4 removable feet , its design combining modernity and retro , and sound quality worthy of the greatest record players : the Crosley Bermuda Vinyl Tray is a must. Fans of the 50’s will love it. Music lovers will love it too – and we do not even talk about music lovers or other musicians! With this microphone integrating full-range stereo speakers, you’ll even have an Aux-In, in addition to the essential RCA connection.

A beautiful beast, is not it?


Crosley Bermuda Vinyl Platinum
Stand design with detachable feet (unscrewable)
Full-Range Dynamic Stereo Speakers
2 speeds
Speed ​​can be selected in the disk drive, via the controller (35/0/45)
Function at the front: Volume (with On / Off); Function button; Headphone jack; Line-In Connection
The function button selects either playback via the turntable or via AUX-In (AUX-In cable included)
Rear connection: power cable; RCA connector (cinch)
RCA (cinch) connector: allows to carry analog signal as digital and can be directly connected to a pair of activated / powered speakers or to the corresponding input of your stereo system
Plastic protection on the floor when the feet are not fixed
With a handle on the side and a hinged lid with flap on both sides
Contents: disk drive, 45 UPM adapter, 3.5 mm AUX-In cable, power cable
Instructions (English, French, Spanish)
Overall dimensions approx. 39 x 41 x 23 cm; Feet approximately 43.5 cm high; AUX cable approximately 145 cm long; Power cable approximately 180 cm long
Total weight about 8kg
NOTE – Cinch connection: the red plug connects the right channel, the white plug connects the left channel
RCA jacks are not designed for direct connection to passive / unpowered speakers; with passive speakers connected, the volume is very low

Technical data :

Power supply: AC adapter, DC output: 12V 0.5A
Power Consumption: 12W
Speakers: 3.5 “8Ω, 5W x 2
Disk drive speed: 331/3, 45RPM (UPM)
Interchangeable needle: Crosley NP5

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