Mar 23, 2019
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A month with LG G4

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When I realize that I have a smartphone in use for a month, I know that sooner or later it will come that moment …

When I realize that I have a smartphone in use for a month, I know that sooner or later the moment when the phone will ring and on the other side there will be a kind voice that wants it back.

The prospect is feral thinking to deprive me of the new LG G4 , which after a few weeks of use I put in the top spot among the top of the range 2015. There are not if, there are but, there is no doubt: that of LG is the product best among the top of the range (android) of 2015, because the company has listened to its users.

And this is a value that goes beyond aggressive marketing, because the result is always a high level product.

The objections of last year: overheating, inaccurate camera, slow interface and subject to continuous refresh, reduced reception and network hang-up time too far.

Gone. No sign. No legacy from the G3, except that of a beautiful design that has been further improved.

One last detail is missing to have a perfect phone: an even more modern and aggressive interface, or (alternatively) a theme shop populated by more captivating proposals.

But for the rest, the new LG G4 is a really pleasant surprise in everyday use. The Snapdragon 808 processor is fast and responsive and never overheats.

The camera is amazing, for focusing speed, image quality and color fidelity, an element that has been taking me a lot lately. Ok take a nice picture, but the colors are real ones or they only vaguely resemble reality?

And then the battery: apart from Sony Z3, there is no other top of the range that offers the duration of G4, which is incredible especially as far as park consumption is concerned. The G3 with the screen on was energivorous, the new model instead is used for a long time without a dramatic impact on autonomy. Just look at some videos of the comparisons to see how much more powerful it is compared to other products.

I open a chapter on materials: I was one of the first to express perplexities for the choice of the skin, but … try it to believe …. It’s beautiful to use. I have in use the black model, perhaps my favorite is the one in brown leather, but I drastically revalued even the black one.

Reception: solve all the hang-up speed problems that were affecting some G3 models. The G4 is a thunderbolt even in that detail and holds the net very well in all conditions.

In short, I really like this smartphone. I have to prepare the paper tissues for the time of posting.

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